Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Well I've been in the studio now for two and a half months now and I've added lots of new things.  The studio is really small and I have tons of jewelry and beads to display and only one wall to do it in.  The other side of the studio is for lampworking.  I thought you guys would like to see where I work.  Here is the mini tour.

This is a sign I made to go over the front door.

I have a large glass window in the front of the store which I love.  Makes the place seem larger.  I put this little table outside when I'm open so customers can see some of my jewelry while they pass by.  I also have a picture of me lampworking so they can see the process.  I need to change the color of the table cloth to something springy/summery.

As you can see lots of jewelry.  I've added some floating shelves which I purchased at Home Depot and TJMaxx.  I added a large mirror in the center of the shelves to break up the space.

Here are my trays of lampwork and ceramic beads.  I have some of them stacked to save space. My larger focal beads are on the wood shelf my brother made for me.

This is my little work table and check-out area.  Works well for the space.  It's tight when I have customers looking at the bead trays.

Starting from the window on the other side are my glass rods.

My lampworking station and my kiln.  I have all my tools, frit, enamel and such in the storage cart under the kiln.  Keeps everything nice and neat and in its place.
Table was cleaned before this picture was taken!

When I get tired of working and need a break, this is the view that greets me.  Love it!

This is the board walk from the studio to Finz Seafood Restaurant.  There are tables right on the dock where you can eat and enjoy the water.

Port Salerno, Florida

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  1. Simply wonderful! You have really created a lovely space.

  2. Looks awesome Raida, You have a sweet little deal there. Wishing you continued success. Cherrie

  3. Wow, a beaders dream come true! Congratulations!

  4. Oh my goodness- You're close to me! I'd love to stop by sometime and meet you. I live in between Stuart and Okeechobee. What are your studio hours?