Friday, April 26, 2013


I've been so busy lately with my "open to the public" studio that I haven't had much time to blog lately.  I've met so many wonderful customers from all over the country who have come down the last four months to get some sunshine.  This weekend I am expressing my thanks to all my wonderful customers on Etsy.  Head over to Havana Beads and take a look, everything is 15% off with coupon code "Grateful15".  Don't forget to put this code in the coupon box when you're checking out to automatically receive the discount on your order.  I'm new to the Etsy checkout system and I'm not sure if I can do reimbursement through that.  I can through Paypal but I'm not sure through Etsy Direct checkout.  If you have, send me the info. just in case someone forgets.  THANKS!  Here are some new beads listed this week.