Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I can't keep my fingers out of the new ceramic bead stash!  I'm in real trouble here.  Here's a little bracelet I made today with one of my ceramic links and one of my lampwork beads.  Also a new color combo in the lentil beads.

This is "Bear" he goes outside with me to take pictures of beads and jewelry every time I go outside.  Not sure what he's doing here since that pool pole isn't much of a hiding place.

Enjoy your day,



  1. Your beads are lovely. They would be difficult to keep away from.

    As for Bear, maybe he was planning to help clean the pool.....?

  2. Well, if I made beads as beautiful as yours, I'd have a hard time too. The lentils are such a luscious color, and Bear is just adorable!

  3. Those lentil beads are gorgeous. And the bracelet is really pretty, too. Hopefully you can get some of your beads listed before you use them all up. (Unless that's what you made them for) :)

  4. Gorgeous bracelet! Bear is adorable. My boy follows me around where ever I go , too.