Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I was outside today taking pictures of some head pins and thought you guys might like to see some Florida blooms.  This isn't the best time of the year to show off Florida gardens.  There's way too much heat and too much rain (yes, way too much rain).  Still some things love these conditions and are actually at their best.  Here are some pics.  Hope you enjoy.


I caught two bees nectar diving here.

This is a pretty vine growing at the back of the house.  Not sure of the name.

These are lemons.  My tree is packed with these.  They'll be turning yellow in the next couple of weeks probably.  Anyone have a good recipe using lemons they'd like to share?

These are Tangelos.  They are a hybrid of mandarin oranges and grapefruit also know as "Honeybell".

Cherries Jubilee

Cherries Jubilee as tall as my house!

These are Star Fruit.  When you slice these they have a great little star shape.  I've only seen these in salads.  Don't know what else to do with them other than just eat them as a fruit.

My husband's pride and joy "Avocado".  These are huge!  Unfortunately, there are only 5 of them this year. 

Not sure the name of this plant but it's blooming like crazy.

Hope you enjoyed the tour,

Enjoy your day,


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  1. Gorgeous Raida!! Love them all! That Avocado is a monster, 5 of those seems like quite a bit!