Thursday, January 6, 2011


I'm not kidding, yes you can!  Last year one of my wonderful friends Jenny called me and told me, yes she told me, you have to enter this years "Bead Star" contest.  Of course I said no way, not me, what will they think, do you think they'll like my jewelry, I don't know.  I gave myself every excuse there could possibly be.  Anyways, to make a long story short I entered three necklaces.  I figured if they didn't pick them, I could just sell them.  Well one of my necklaces was picked as a finalist. My wonderful customers, friends, family and others voted for my necklace and I won Honorable Mention in the Heart Category.  Wow, I can't tell you the feeling one gets when the magazine is delivered to your home and you see your creation in print!  I hope that everyone that is reading this and hasn't tried to enter one of their creations gives it a try this year.  By the way I sold the other two necklaces within a few months so no loss there.  Here is the link with all the rules for the 2011 competition Bead Star 2011.  Don't be chicken, ENTER!

Colors of My Love

I donated my necklace to the American Heart Association's Women's Heart-Health Initiatives, and it will be Auctioned at the Bead Fest Santa Fe Silent Auction, March 10-13, 2011.



  1. Congratulations!!!! I have yet to get the gumption up to submit an entry. All the normal thoughts run through my head. I know, I know, just do it...right?

  2. Yes, just do it! I am the biggest chicken and I did it, so you can too.

  3. I received these beads in the mail, they are gorgeous, I am in ecstasy! Thank you.