Thursday, September 6, 2012


After a wonderful sale this weekend," THANK YOU", my wheels are turning and I'm creating new beads and headpins to add to my Etsy store.  I've made some new headpin colors and Regaliz beads for the leather bracelets.  Also some new colors in the transparent beads.  Here are some pictures.

Vineyards Sparkle Headpins

Iris Bloom Sparkle Headpins

Japanese Garden Sparkle Headpins

Seascape Sparkle Headpins

Polka Dot Puffy Hearts

These are my Stamen Headpins made in Copper instead of brass

A couple of weekends ago my friends Jenny, Mitzy and Karen drove up to the store to visit and of course we went bead shopping.  When I saw these pewter beads I knew I wanted to make a lampwork headpin for the tail portion.  I thought they would make good earrings but I think they're too heavy.  I think they're better as a pendant.  I'm selling the headpin and the loose fish bead on Etsy.  

Aqua Fish Tail

Amber Fish Tail

Indian Summer Transparent

Gypsy Skirt Transparent

Peacock Feathers Transparent

Brandy Regaliz Bead

This is what it looks like on the leather.

Indian Summer Regaliz Bead

This is what it looks like on the leather.

Iris Bloom Regaliz Bead

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