Monday, March 7, 2011


I thought after the big show this weekend I'd take the day off today from lampworking and maybe do a little jewelry making.  My well thought out plan didn't pan out.  I had a great deal of orders to catch up and I don't like to have my customers waiting . So I thought a couple of hours of lampworking and I'll be all caught up.  Well, the thing with me and lampwork is once I start I have a hard time stopping.  I start thinking of this and that and 5 hours later I'm still lampworking.  Anyways, I love it so it's totally o.k.  I did take some pictures of some beads I made last week and posted them on Etsy today.

Little etched acorn.

This is Gillan my newest fish, and I love his coloring, very pretty.

This is Mitsy, isn't she sweet?

This is Rusty, cousin to Ginger who recently sold.  How silly am I, but they are so funny with their little faces and expressions.

Pugsby, don't get me started on him, he totally cracks me up.

This little key has little mouse ears with pink polka dots on both sides.

These Ocean View beads have been really well received so I made another set.

This is a new lentil design I made for the show this weekend.

I sold a great deal of flower beads at the show this weekend.  Of the new ones this is the only one I have left. It's packed all around with flowers.  I took some pictures with the bead on a slant so you could see the flowers on the top and bottom of the bead.

These are my new bunny beads with a little pink rose or a little red heart.

That's all the show and tell for today, enjoy your evening!



  1. Wow, gorgeous stuff! I just love acorns--always have.

  2. had a ton of ideas going around in your head this weekend...all very the bunnies..too cute!