Friday, August 17, 2012


Thought I'd share a sweet picture of my Miniature Schnauzer "BEAR",  today is his 9th Birthday.  Bear's my little companion when I'm at home working on my ceramic beads, jewelry and on the computer.  You can usually find him under my chair or sometimes laying on my feet!  I don't take him to the studio with me because I'm worried about the propane fumes and I think he would be bothered by all the noise my equipment makes.  It's great to come home after working and have him waiting for me at the door wagging his little tail.

Happy Birthday "Bear"

Every season I head over to Pantone Fashion Color to get a little inspiration.  Pantone has the new Colors of Fall on their website.  I try to take as many colors as I can and make beads inspired by those colors.

Here are the new colors of Fall 2012.
You'll be seeing some of these colors in the coming weeks!

Enjoy your day,



  1. Happy birthday to Bear, he's adorable and looks very loyal!

  2. Happy birthday to Bear! I love schnauzers' sweet personalities. Many years ago, I had a little silvery-gray boy who was my dear. Even our cats loved him.