Saturday, February 4, 2012


My goodness it's horrible to move!  I planned this move down to the last detail.  Had extra boxes, had extra tape, several sharpies to mark every single box so as to make it as easy as possible to unpack.  I actually had two moves.  One to my new home and one to the studio which I mostly took the bulk of the equipment, furniture, glass etc. the day before moving day and just left it there in a mess in my new studio.  On moving day at 9 a.m. the movers arrived.  I had run out of boxes, run out of tape, couldn't find one sharpie to save my life!  Clothes started finding their way to empty suitcases, stacks of loose stuff in my trunk and my husbands piled to the roof.  finally we were ready to leave with our two cars and the movers.  What about Bear (our mini-Schnauzer)?  I didn't have one inch in my car left for the dog.  My son had to carry him on his lap with other stuff while my husband drove.  It doesn't end there!

When we arrived to our new home, on the second floor, our furniture wouldn't fit up the stairs.  We had to remove the front door.  Some more furniture went in.  Our head board wouldn't fit no matter what we tried.  My husband and son had to remove the railing on the second floor landing and stand on the roof while I prayed (I think out loud, really loud) that they wouldn't fall off while the head board was maneuvered in.  This nightmare finished at 8:00 p.m.

Alright then, that's over and now I can't find a thing for a week.  I did organize my studio right away and I'm back to work lampworking.  Here are some new pictures of my studio and beads I finally listed on Etsy today.

This is a picture of the studio the Saturday after the move.  We moved on Thursday and on Friday I added the press on tiles to the top of the counter, cut the trim border and sewed the skirt for the counter.  There was a huge Port Salerno Seafood Festival that Saturday that I didn't want to miss since 35,000 people were expected to attend.  I think they did, since it was really busy and lots of fun.  I have the jewelry displayed at the front of the store and the loose beads towards the back for my beady customers.  I've since added a shelf on the wall and some art.  I'll have more pictures later.

This is the other side of the room where I work.  I had a couple of necklaces displayed there for the festival.

I had some ceramic beads I made the week prior to moving which I hadn't had time to post.  I posted all of these this morning on Havana Beads.

Enjoy your day,



  1. Goodness, what a frustrating move--and you actually had two moves to work through! I'm glad you are done, and I hope you are able to find everything.

    Enjoy your new home and studio.

  2. Moving does suck. I moved an average of once a year in my 20s. i told my husband he is going to get me out of this house feet first. ha ha. Glad you're getting settled in!

  3. wow >.< Glad to hear you survived! and the studio is looking fabulous :) can't wait to see more pics!
    and those beads... oh so yummy..I love both the green mix sets and the blue mix... so.. now I'll go browse through your shop and see what all I want. lol I can't order anything until my last order arrives ( which should be early in the week ), but I can look, drool and write them all down :D hehe

  4. Sounds like you've had a "fun" and busy time. :) Glad you got everything ready for the festival, hope you did well. Now hoping you get everything else straightened out/organized so your life can get back to a semblance of normal. :) Love the look of your new studio and your new beads.

  5. What a crazy time you've had moving - I would have been freaking out too, had my boys been on the roof w/a piece of furniture!! Glad it turned out well. And your studio - fantastic!! So are the new additons to your shop,...I have to remove the drool from my keyboard now,...thanks!! :)

  6. I came by your site to see how the move went. I'm so glad you survived! What a pain moving is! I'm happy to see you are settling into your new home and studio. Jen and I will have to come up and see you soon! Looking forward to more photos. Take Care. :)