Sunday, January 15, 2012


So they say that change is good.  Well there's lots of change in store for our family and Havana Beads this month.  We're moving to Stuart, Florida and I'm getting a new studio.  I know that once everything is done it will be great, but moving your entire home and your studio all in the same month is really stressful.  I'm really looking forward to my new studio, but I have so much work to do packing my accumulation of stuff to my new home that I'm a little overwelmed right now.  The good thing is its a small studio but I still want it to look nice.  You'll notice I took some pictures of the outside for my new blog header.  I also took some pictures of my space when I first visited.  All of this has been cleared out, including all the displays on the walls.  I have to get the walls painted and all my equipment, glass, beads, etc. brought in.  I'll try to post the progress as I go along.

This is the entrance to my new studio.

All of the walls are now clear of these displays from the previous tenant and are ready to paint.  I'll probably have some simple shelves installed down the road and maybe some of my favorite paintings for inspiration will go on the walls.

This is a shelf on the wall which I plan to sew a pretty skirt and attach it to the edge so I can have storage underneath.  The top will display trays of beads and some of my jewelry.

This is the window looking out from my studio.

This is the entrance to the Fine Art Gallery.  I can spend hours in here.  Beautiful works of art are displayed on two flours.

This is the hall way between the studios to the back of the property.

We have an amazing glass blower in residence.

This is the view at the back of the property.  There's a little bar there and they have live music by the water, I believe on the weekends.  More on that when I move in.

This is the entrance to the property.  Next door is Finz Restaurant which has great food and is also on the water.  Well thats all for today.  I'll try to post some in the next couple of weeks if I can.  I'll definately come back when everything is up and running and have some updated pictures to share.




  1. It all sounds so exciting! I can't wait to see what you do with that cute little space. How fun it would be to have other artist so close, and walk-in customers to boot!

  2. Sounds really cool and looks very exciting. Looks like so much fun to be right there by the water and with so many other great artists. Have fun in your new digs. Hope it's not too stressful getting everything moved.

  3. That looks like it will be a nice space when you get it customized to your likes/needs. The proximity to the gallery is a great plus. I'm jealous ;)

  4. Wow!!! Congrats and best of luck!!!