Monday, August 29, 2011


Last week I purchased a bag of "Freaky Beads".  The look of the beads themselves aren't freaky, I'm the one freaking out.  The purchase of these beads went like this.

Excuse me sir, how much is that small bag of beads, $$$$. 
I look at them a little closer.  They're really organic looking, really cool and old looking.  They look like wood.
Excuse me sir, what are these made of; are they wood?
They're bone.
I gasp. All of them!
Yes, and I have a way bigger bag of them. Would you like to see it.
That's o.k.  I walk away.
Can't stop thinking of those beads, they're so cool. I'm thinking of things to make with them.
I inch my way back down his table.
O.k. can I see the big bag.

So to understand why I'm freaking out you have to know me a little better.  For the past three years I've been trying not to eat meat.  I did really good for over a year and only ate seafood and veggies.  That was a start.  But little by little chicken and turkey have started to appear in the evening menu.  I'm trying.

So here are some pictures of my large bag of "Freaky Beads".

Earrings I made with my "Freaky Beads"

I took a handful and put them in a baggie to give away.  If you would like to share some of my "Freaky Beads" let me know what are the strangest beads you've ever purchased.  I will pick a random winner on Friday night.

Enjoy your day,



  1. hmmm, I don't think I've purchased any "freaky beads".... yet! But it would sure be nice to own some! ;o)

    They look amazing....for freaky beads!


    hello gorgeous xxx

  2. I never knew how beautiful bone beads could be until I saw some at a shop.

    Well, this isn't really strange, but the most unique piece I've purchased is a pendant made from red fiestaware. Also, I splurged on a strand of ancient carnelian beads. To this day I am afraid to use them because of their cost.

  3. I bought some myrrh beads made from crushed seeds. I've had them for about 15 years and they are still fragrant.

  4. Oh my oh my, the motherload!!!! I love bone beads, I'd love to win a bag please????

    I would say the strangest beads I ever bought were also bone beads, not that I don't love them but they were so much bigger than I expected I've never used them.

  5. Wow- they are beautiful- glad you got them- you would have been sad if you didn't. I love the vintage cut crystal beads and always look for those but the strangest ones I ever bought were some cinnebar beads that were carved- at least that's what I think they are. They are a pretty rust color and quite detailed.

  6. Those are wonderful. I'd love to win them. I haven't purchased any freaky beads, but I got some great beads as a gift for my daughter in law made from the seeds of a tree in Peru when I went there a couple of years ago. Wished now I had gotten me some, too.
    But would love to have some bone beads. :)

  7. That would freak me out, too! You gotta admit, your earrings turned out quite lovely! Sometimes I go down to my work area & "freak-out" because I have so much stuff, there are so many ideas running through my head & I don't know where to begin!!

  8. Very nice earrings you've made with your freaky beads. The freakiest I purchased was two strands of heishi-type disc beads made of calf bone from Namibia, Africa. The beads are a dark color, with white dots and circles, almost like the batik beads from Kenya. I have yet to make jewelry using them.

  9. I love your bone beads, what a great find!I have bought mrryh beads too, but people would give me bone beads. FRESH beads, snake & fish spines to work down to single vertebrae beads.

  10. I like the bone beads! The strangest beads I have would probably be some seed pod beads that I have. I also have some bone beads. Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. I would love to win some freaky beads!

  12. Sorry I forgot to answer the question!
    I think my most freaky beads are these HUGE glass lampwork beads I thought I was purchasing in a normal 10mm or 12mm size ( I didn't look) then they came and they are so big I am still holding on to them for something someday.