Thursday, December 2, 2010


I just finished some new etched earrings you can find on my Gentle Wind Designs Etsy store.  The top left side earrings have a leaf pattern, handmade sterling silver hooks and lovely vintage acrylic faceted beads.  The one below them have a type of Aztec design to them and have beautiful African turquoise coin beads dangling from them.  The bottom right hand side earrings are a remake.  Ever make a piece of jewelry and something about it is just not right?  These earrings have been bothering me ever since I made them.  Below is the before and after picture.  I like them much better now.

The lampwork beads will be listed on my Havana Beads Etsy store.  I have two new earring pairs and the set in the middle I really love.  It's a mixture of different silver glass that gave me that amber swirled look and I love the silvered blue dots.  I hope I can make these again since I didn't write down the different glass and stringers I used.

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Not happy with the bottom bead cap.

You can see the top a little better in this picture.

On the remake I hammered the end of the wire, brought it through and coiled the top making a cap with the wire.  I like this version much better than the first one.  DON'T FORGET TO GO BELOW AND LEAVE A COMMENT FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A SANTA LAMPWORK BEAD SET.

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  1. Your beads are just beautiful! And I love your etched componets. Etching is one of the things on my list to learn in 2011.