Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Alright so there's almost three months until Halloween. Call me crazy but I'm getting orders for Christmas beads. Halloween beads are so much fun to make I thought I'd get an early start. I know that there are a lot of craft fairs up north this time of year and that's why you guys start early. We don't have hardly any craft fairs here in the summer because of the heat. All the craft fairs I'm attending are in the winter. These mini sets will be listed in Havanabeads tonight.

I listed these little houses earlier in the week and they kept calling to me to make something with them. Here is a bracelet I made last night with three of the little houses. It's soooooo hard to see trays and trays of beads and not want to make something with all of them. I have to hold myself back if not I would never list a bead. I'll have this bracelet up at Havanabeads later tonight.

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