Thursday, July 22, 2010


Set of 6 colorful Lampwork Pillows

Lampwork and Antiqued Sterling silver earrings

A sweet light blue etched lampwork tweet

I love the surprise of opening the kiln in the morning and finding that my hard work and sometimes crazy combinations turn out well. Here are some new beads I'll be listing on Havana Beads later tonight. The earrings will also be posted on Havanabeads because believe it or not those rock looking beads are lampwork, yep. I didn't make too many because I wasn't sure what they would look like, but I think they're pretty cool. Any thoughts on those, let me know? Last but not least, a little light blue etched tweet, too sweet!

Don't forget to enter my lampwork giveaway that ends on Sunday. You'll see a post from earlier in the week below with a picture of the beads.

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