Sunday, November 11, 2012


I can't believe it's almost a month since my last post!  I've been so busy with special orders and getting inventory ready for the studio that time just flew by.  I also took a little road trip to Kentucky with my hubby.    When you live in South Florida every road trip is a very, very long road trip!  Anyways, most of the trip was spent in the car since this was right before hurricane Sandy and the weather turned pretty ugly on us.  On our way back we stopped in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Lookout Mountain and I saw the most amazing tree.  Please remember this is a very, very rare site for me!

Isn't this tree amazing!

Hubby caught me playing!

Inspired by my trip to Lookout Mountain

Some new style beads I've been making lately.

Enjoy your day,



  1. I love the fall and all the color. Great tree. Looks like you had fun. The beads remind me of all the maple trees and colors I grew up with in the Ozarks of Missouri. Miss it.

  2. Yummy new beads. Especially like the black and white set.
    Having lived in South Florida, I understand. It's so tropical...ALL the time. How nice you were able to go see the leaves turning.

  3. Even when I see autumn-colored leaves every year, there are still some trees that take my breath away. It is amazing. Love the beads in those colors.

  4. Enjoyed your post. We have traveled to Chattanooga every year for 36 years. It is a beautiful place and the nature inspiration is awesome. Unless of course it is summer. I can't take the humidity. As always love your bead creations. You are a very talented lady.

  5. Wow these beads are AWESOME!!! I have really enjoyed your blog.