Friday, October 21, 2011


After four days of torrential rains and a tornado in our county, the sun finally came out yesterday.  I have to admit I'm not prepared for a tornado.  We know how to prepare for hurricanes, but I haven't a clue what to do if a tornado is barreling down my street.  Our family home is safe but many homes in Plantation, Florida were damaged and some destroyed.  I'm praying for you guys!

I was able to go outside yesterday and take some pictures of beads and a necklace I made during all the rain.  Here are some beads I just posted on Etsy.

Last one of these in this color.

Last one of these in this color.

Pistachio Green Leaf

Creme Brulee Swirl

Blue Jean Swirl

Sweet Sixteen Swirl Beads

Dark Violet Raku Cones

Ivory Raku Cones

These are new Flower Burst Focal Beads.  These are so much fun to design with.  The first batch I made went to a necklace I made and is shown below.  They're great as a focal or combine several of them or even mix them with other beads.  I think a bracelet with one as a focal would be really cute also.

I know it's no where near Valentines Day but when inspiration comes I just grab it.  These are hand formed and not made with a mold.

We all need a little smile from time to time.

Enjoy your day,



  1. I love your new Flower Burst Focals. So pretty.
    I wish you could send some of your rain our way in Texas. We're still in a drought. About 14 months now. Some cities are even beginning to run out of water.
    As for Tornado's, I grew up with them in Missouri. There's really not much you can do to prepare. I usually try to keep my important papers/pictures together so I can grab them, my purse and my computer to run hide in the closet. A better place to go is your bathroom, as long as it's not on an outside wall or has a window (Like both of mine). We lost our house to a tornado when I was small. Now, for hurricanes, I'm in your dilemna. I'm far enough north in Texas that we don't usually get them, so if one came this far, I'd be at a loss. Glad you're safe.

  2. Absolutely beatutiful!! I just love your lampwork and all of the variety that you create! :-)