Wednesday, November 10, 2010


When do you know you're a lucky girl?  Well, this is how I know.  I was enjoying one of my favorite blogs when I realized I had never become a follower.  So I went ahead and became a follower and to my surprise a message came up that said something like "You're my 600th Follower".  Are you curious as to who's blog I'm writing about?  Well it's the fabulous Lori Anderson of Pretty Things.  Lori contacted me and told me I had won one of her marvelous jewelry pieces.  To make it more fun and personal I asked Lori if she would mind making something using some of my lampwork beads.  That way it would be my lampwork beads with her wonderful creative jewelry making skills and imagination.  This is the wonderful bracelet I received from Lori.  So I say to you, am I a lucky girl?  Check out Lori's blog at Pretty Things.
Have a marvelous day,
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  1. Lovely combination with your beads and Lori's design. Congratulations on your win!